About Us

MapMyState was started in 2011 by husband & wife team, Ben & Ashley.  We began by creating designs for all of the states we have lived in over the years (Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon), and our collection grew from there!  We launched our website, www.MapMyState.com, in early 2013.  In June 2013, we welcomed our son, Jack; in October 2015, we welcomed our daughter, Lucy.  They are now regular fixtures around our office.

Over the years, we have sold our products across the globe — from our very own hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, to Latvia to Brazil.  We take great pride in our customer service and unique, affordable products.

We thank you for visiting MapMyState and hope you enjoy looking around.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

– Ben, Ashley, Jack, & Lucy