Who shops at MapMyState.com?

500 Customers - 2017

I love databases, so I often try to check in and see where our customers live—mostly because I find it fascinating.  Here’s a map with pinpoints where our most recent 500 customers reside (excluding international customers).  Interestingly, no recent sales to Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, or […]

What is a Cartophile?

Zip Scribble

We are cartophiles. cartophile: n. One who greatly admires and enjoys maps. Only a cartophile would spend seven hours browsing and admiring maps. Source: UrbanDictionary.com   We spend our days looking at maps, and I have just discovered my latest favorite map. ZIPScribble Maps is the brainchild of Robert Kosara at EagerEyes.org.  The concept is simple: […]