‘Tis the Season…for Weddings!

Wedding season is upon us!

When Ben and I got married in 2008, some of our favorite wedding gifts are the ones that were not on our registry!  Sure…we absolutely love our waffle maker and our coffee maker; but the unique painting in our living room and the funky vase in our den were things that we did not register for and they are among some of our favorite items displayed around our house.

So, I now try to think outside the box when buying wedding gifts for our family and friends.  And what better way than to give them a customized piece of artwork for their walls.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Wedding Gift

We can include the name and wedding date beneath a state. This is perfect way to commemorate their wedding date and the place where a couple is married.

His Home Her Home Our Home Prints

For couples who are not from the same place, it can be fun to create “His Home”, “Her Home”, and “Our Home” prints.

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